Center for Latino/a & Latin American Studies


Center for Latino/a & Latin American Studies


Micheal Lovett- Director

Natalie Dulanksy- Director

Nina Accardi- Project Manager

Addie Kahn- Account Manager

Courtney Yamada- Strategist

Anna Cabello- Copy Writer

Grace Newlin- Copy Writer

Bryn D'Agostino- Designer


Deliver a rebrand showing the culture and reach of the Center for Latino/a & Latin American Studies.


Look at the connections from the communities with the center and the impacts it has.


Take a visual approach to showing ties and culture by exploring the theme of threads and textiles from Latin American cultures.

Our main logo aimed to incorporate the idea of interlaced threads of a community and the vibrant colors of the culture.

Our team created a variety of templates for the CLLAS internal team to use. Above pictured iare brochures for two of CLLAS's usual events, a movie screening and a guest lecture.

We designed a set of visual icons to be used through out the brand. From Instagram, to brochures to a website, these are meant to glue the brand together.