New Venture Championship


New Venture Championship


Evan Harvey- Director

Kelsey Munger- Project Manager
Addie Kahn- Account Manager
Caroline Moore- Social Media Strategist
Jimmy Fortuna-Peak- Copywriter
Kylie MacDonald- Strategist + Media Planner
Autumn Soucy- Media Planner
Courtney Yamada- Strategist
Anna Roach- Social Media Strategist
Shae Boos- Copywriter
Kyle Pieroni- Strategist
Katherine Stallard- Art Director
Kira Chan- Designer
Callum Champ- Producer
Liam Donahue- Designer (Graduated Winter term)"


Increase team sign-ups across the competition’s new four disciplines.Promote an association of the NVC with competitive teams instead of competitive individuals. Reestablish an NVC presence in the LCB community alongside remote competition models.


We want to GET collaborative student teams TO build confidence in their entrepreneurial ideas BY promoting NVC's competitive process as supportive and challenging towards team growth.


Create decided on deliverables including participant merchandise and social awareness to boost team sign-ups and competition awareness.

Our design team came up with this mock-up of an NVC PR Box. The idea was for all competitors and judges to receive this box in the mail before the competition with some other swag items to get them excited before the start. We ultimately chose to go another direction due to time limitations but this mock-up still presents our art direction strongly.

This tote bag is one of the many swag items our team designed for this year’s NVC competitors and judges. We also directed and shot a merch photoshoot as pictured that will be featured on NVC social platforms.

Since the event of NVC is hybrid, the competition will start online. Here is one of our 3 options competitors or judges can use as a Zoom background during the online portion of the competition.