Protection Connection


Protection Connection


Directors: Evan Harvey and Marissa Morales

Account Manager: Holden Fox

Project Manager: Michaela Hagel

Art Directors: Makayla Lee, Nick Guzman, Isa Ramos

Designer: Bryn D'Agostino

Copywriters: Grace Newlin and Lainey Toole

Strategist: Kaeleigh James

Public Relations Strategists: Veronica Szmit and Caroline Moore

Producer: Evan Harvey


The AHA team helps Protection Connection by creating social posts, producing a podcast, designing merch, creating posters and distributing them among campus, and promoting Sex Week.


To deliver fairly sensitive information in a way that is trauma-informed and well-researched while remaining engaging and welcoming.


The AHA team collaborates with one another to deliver ideas and concepts to the client. AHA then produces the deliverables by delegating projects to appropriate team members and periodically checking in with the team for feedback.

AHA designed and printed merch for Protection Connection staff. These are some of the photos from the shoot to show off the finished product.

AHA designed and printed this poster to be distributed around campus to promote the activities of Sex Week, a series of events put on by Protection Connection during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

AHA was tasked by Protection Connection to produce a podcast called "Protection Reflection." As part of the process, AHA designed a graphic to be the podcast cover.