Waddle Meal Plan


Waddle Meal Plan


Directors - Micheal and Marissa
AM - Holden Fox
PM - Gillian Hazelton
Strat - Emily Leyfer & Maia Elliot
PR - Veronica Szmit & Hailey Howard
Design - Maggie Salter, Samantha Simon, & Lexis Shull
Art Director - Nijel Aranibar
Producer - Callum Champ
Copy - Anna Cabello & Shae Boos
Media Planner - Catherine Greener


Create a full rebrand of the company and hold competitions along with events.


To get more students to use Waddle in their every day life and spread awareness to parents about this helpful meal plan service.


Through social media, contests, and a rebrand.

A merchant map that was featured on socials and eventually will on merch.

A poster and social design for a contest we held between Waddle and Oregon Burrito Company!

How we show our customers the weekly deals through social media.