UO Women's Basketball


UO Women's Basketball


Kate Thomson- Director
Micheal Lovett- Director
Rachel Siebert- Account Manager
Megan Weissman- Project Manager
Everett Biron- Art Director
Connor Phillips- Art Director
Maggie Salter- Designer
Chloe Montague- Designer
Sebastian Healy- Designer
Anna Roach- PR Strategist
Kyra Pacific- PR Strategist
Kate Bossi- Strategist
George Gray- Strategist
Kaeleigh James- Strategist
Hunter Normand- Copywriter
Hayden Grow- Copywriter
Jacob Bolger- Producer
Autumn Soucy- Media Planner
Lilly Stump- Media Planner


Increase player familiarity Drive game attendance Connect with families, students and loyal fans in Eugene & Portland Bring the noise back to Matthew Knight Arena


After a year of silence, this season was about bringing the noise back.


By creating immersive experiences that encourage us to ponder how we each #BringtheNoise, we opened up a world of opportunities for new and old basketball fans alike. Through wingspan displays asking 'How do you measure up?' songs wanting to know how you 'Throw the O,' and murals encouraging you to 'Bring the Noise' we made sure Duck fans got to know their 2022 Women's Basketball Team like never before.

EMU Stair Wrap: Large installation in the EMU to promote Wynne's "Throw the O" song and our overall campaign with a QR code to our Linktree and a Spotify code to the WBB playlist.

Coasters: Customized coasters for local restaurants. We wanted parents and families to engage with our campaign and be informed about game dates while at their favorite neighborhood spots.

Locations: Bier Stein, Beer Garden, Wild Duck Cafe and Agate Alley.

Total of 4,000 coasters across Eugene.
Coffee Sleeves: Brought game dates to the attention of parents and Eugene residents by printing them on coffee sleeves distributed in local cafés with a QR to purchase tickets.

Locations: Magpie Coffeeshop, The Washburn Café, and all UO campus coffee shops.

A total of 9,000 coffee sleeves are out in the Eugene/Springfield community.

Mural: The kickoff to our campaign. Targeted students walking to and from campus and those touring campus who walk by. Location: The Duck Store - Kincaid St.